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Station Communications over Transmission Lines

Amperion's substation communications solutions over high voltage transmission lines expand utility network coverage beyond the existing fiber backbone to connect remote substations in a cost effective way. It uses innovative broadband powerline carrier technology over the utility's own transmission wires and provides a significant price/performance benefit compared to any other wired or wireless communications technology. Current implementations support transmission voltage rates of up to 138kV and a single point to point link distance of 5 miles. Amperion supports a station to station distance of 20 miles with a frequency repeating architecture.

Applications include:

  • Protective digital relaying and control - utility benefit: replacement of pilot wire
  • SCADA coverage expansion - utility benefit: replacement of costly leased lines
  • Station surveillance and asset protection - utility benefit: cyber security compliance
  • Sensors and synchrophasor data streaming - utility benefit: wide area protection
  • Backhaul of substation data - utility benefit: cost effective communications

Please contact Amperion for details on how to participate in a B-PLC pilot program.