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Smart Grid Communications over Distribution Lines

Amperion's broadband power line carrier communications over medium and low voltage distribution lines enables delivery of multiple smart grid applications. The B-PLC network is comprised of MV-PLC and LV-PLC with various options of wireless technologies (900Mhz, WiFi, WiMAX, ZigBee) that meet communications requirements in a cost effective way. Amperion is the only vendor providing fully redundant communications for utility's mission critical applications. Amperion's patented switcher technology insures high availability of the communications channel using a seamless failover in the event of a channel loss or signal interference. Amperion also uses advanced quality of service (QoS) software to prioritize critical applications such as protection and control over best efforts lower priority applications.

Applications include:

  • Distribution Automation
  • Energy loss and energy theft
  • SCADA expansion
  • Security and asset protection
  • Early fault detection and outage notifications
  • Sensing and grid reliability
  • Distributed generation
  • AMI/AMR Smart Metering
  • Demand Response
  • Demand Dispatch

Please contact Amperion for details on how to participate in a B-PLC pilot program.