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Amperion Solutions

 Amperion provides advanced communications solutions to electric utilities using a complete product set that is based on its innovative and patent protected technology named Broadband Power Line Carrier (B-PLC) that operates over transmission and distribution lines. B-PLC is a highly secure, scalable, easy to install and cost effective technology that enables modernization of substations and smart grid projects in locations where there is no fiber or any other adequate communications options. With B-PLC there is no need to wait for fiber - it is ready to deploy today.

The Amperion B-PLC solution can be used to replace old copper pilot wire systems that are being phased out by the phone companies. See how B-PLC can solve your line protection problem.

The B-PLC solution can also be used for SCADA applications to replace copper wire services that are being discontinued by the phone companies. See how B-PLC can be a cost effective alternative.

 To learn more on how Amperion can solve your communications needs in a cost effective way please contact Amperion.