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GridEdge Networks News and Events

1/16/2018 - Meet GridEdge CEO at Distributech 2018 in San Antonio

1/10/2018 - GridEdge commissions a wind turbine project

1/10/2018 - Getting closer to the DG site

1/10/2018 - GridEdge equipment controls tripping of PCC recloser

1/10/2018 - GridEdge couplers deliver the permissive DGP signal

1/10/2018 - Two phases are used for redundancy and high availability

1/10/2018 - GridEdge DGP modem and its transfer trip controls

1/10/2018 - Commissioning ends with a successful trip test of DG recloser

1/10/2018 - The DG customer gets permission to operate

1/10/2018 - Blades start spinning and power is exported to the grid

1/6/2018 - GridEdge completes commissioning high penetration DG feeder with 10 solar farms

12/26/2017 - GridEdge wishes its customers and business partners a happy holiday season

12/22/2017 - Sun or Snow: GridEdge completes its projects in any type of weather

12/22/2017 - One of 10 high-penetration solar DG sites December 2017

12/22/2017 - GridEdge cabinet installed at one of the sites

12/22/2017 - GridEdge couplers installed at one of the sites

12/8/2017 - GridEdge commissions a solar DG site and waste farm in one week

11/27/2017 - GridEdge has the most reliable and cost effective unintentional islanding solution for high penetration DG

11/14/2017 Watch the GridEdge webinar recording by clicking on this link and having a cup of coffee

10/30/2017 - GridEdge attends IEEE 1547.1 standard meeting in Charlotte NC

10/27/2017 - Join this webinar to learn about the DG-TTP system and how it makes you 1547 compliant

10/2/2017 - Register to the next GridEdge webinar and learn how to save on your DG interconnection costs with our solution

9/29/2017 - GridEdge was selected to present two papers at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D World conference

8/21/2017 - High penetration DG installation demonstrates cost benefits of the GridEdge solution

8/15/2017 - GridEdge Networks is granted patent number 9,733,632 by the USPTO for its innovative Distributed Generation Permissive (DGP) technology

7/31/2017 DG-TTP patent number 9,733,632 will be published on 8/15/2017 by the USPTO

7/24/2017 IEEE-1547 working group members at National Grid in June 2015

7/5/2017 The DG-TTP patent application was filed in 2014, published in 2015, and will be granted by the USPTO in 2017

6/20/2017 GridEdge attends the IEEE-1547 meeting in Phoenix AZ

6/1/2017 - Powerline Communications Class materials availabe for download

5/15/2017 - GridEdge develops solution for underground cables using inductive coupler technology

4/17/2017 - New rack mounted TX unit has C37.90 certification

4/17/2017 - GridEdge Networks releases new rack mounted TX product for substations

4/3/2017 - GridEdge Networks CEO to teach a powerline communications class to IEEE NJ chapter

3/2/2017 - GridEdge Networks CEO attends IEEE-1547 meeting in Atlanta and votes in favor of the new interconnection standard

2/7/2017 - Download National Grid's Distributech 2017 presentation highlighting benefits of the GridEdge anti-islanding solution

2/1/2017 - National Grid presents its pilot project with GridEdge technology at Distributech 2017

1/23/2017 - Come attend "National Grid's Road to Reduce Barriers for DG Integration: Solar Phase II Program and Beyond" presentation in Room 29C where the GridEdge pilot project will be discussed

1/13/2017 - GridEdge Networks achieves a new milestone: PLC communications over one mile of 13.2KV underground cable with customer loads

1/7/2017 - GridEdge Networks completes office move and is now in full production

12/24/2016 - GridEdge Networks wishes all of its customers and business partners a happy holiday season (click)

12/12/2016 - GridEdge Networks is moving its offices from Littleton to 6 Lyberty Way in Westford MA 01886; Our phone numbers remain the same

11/23/2016 - GridEdge Networks completes comissioining work on two transfer trip protection systems in CT and MA (click)

10/21/2016 - GridEdge Networks successfuly demonstrates operation of its transfer trip protection system over a single 12 mile 34KV line (click)

10/7/2016 - GridEdge Networks is providing anti-islanding transfer trip protection solutions to a fuel cell site (click)

9/16/2016 - GridEdge Networks completes comissioining its transfer trip protection system for a solar farm in Connecticut (click)

9/1/2016 - GridEdge will provides an update to MA utilities on its technology and field installations (click)

8/5/2016 - GridEdge is proud to be part of the first college installation going 100% solar (click)

7/15/2016 - Check out your savings with the GridEdge ROI calculator and see for yourself why DG-TTP is the lowest cost life cycle solution on the market today! (click)

6/13/2016 - Read the GridEdge Networks Press Release for DG plant operators (click)

6/8/2016 - GridEdge Networks announces an alternative solution to phone based DTT systems for existing operators of distributed generation plants (click)

4/4/2016 - GridEdge Networks comissioining its transfer trip protection system for a second biogas distributed generation site (click)

3/13/2016 - GridEdge Networks comissioining its transfer trip protection system for a first fuel cell distributed generation site (click)

2/8/2016 - National Grid will present the solar 2 project at Distributech on 2/9/2016 (click)

2/5/2016 - GridEdge Networks completes installation of its transfer trip protection system for a battery storage application (click)

12/24/2015 - Happy Holidays from GridEdge Networks (click)

12/21/2015 - GridEdge Networks will speak at the AWEA Wind Power Expo 2016 (click)

12/10/2015 - GridEdge Networks attends the 2015 Power-Gen International Conference (click)

11/30/2015 - GridEdge Networks will attend the 2015 Power-Gen International Conference on Dec. 8-10 in Las Vegas (click)

11/23/2015 - GridEdge Networks completes installation of its transfer trip protection system over a 34kV line for a 12MW biogas plant (click)

11/2/2015 - GridEdge Networks completes installation of its transfer trip protection system over a 23kV line for a 5MW wind farm (click)

10/24/2015 - GridEdge Networks will attend the next quarterly meeting of the IEEE-1547 interconnection standard on Oct. 26-29 in Tempe AZ (click)

9/29/2015 - GridEdge Networks and Eversource Energy jointly present the GridEdge solution for transfer trip protection of distributed generation on Sep. 29 in Berlin CT (click)

9/25/2015 - "The second generation 36kV system extends market reach to wind and biogas DG applications that attach to higher voltage lines. We are now able to provide complete coverage for all DG applications on the distribution grid." said Nachum Sadan, GridEdge CEO

8/31/2015 - View the GridEdge Networks Video on YouTube (click)

8/3/2015 - GridEdge Networks makes firmware version 7.4 generally available. The new version has enhanced trip control functions that were deployed in two customer sites

6/8/2015 - "GridEdge Networks has reached a reliability record today with an aggregated 39 months of error free operation across all of its system installations. This amounts to over 3 years of 100% reliability with no nuisance trips" said Nachum Sadan, CEO of GridEdge Networks

6/4/2015 - GridEdge demonstrated one of its system installations in Lunenburg MA to a group of engineers and managers. The site visit was hosted by Paul Krell, Manager of Energy Systems Engineering at Unitil and a GridEdge customer (click)

5/8/2015 - GridEdge will demonstrate one of its installations in Lunenburg MA on June 4 (click)

5/5/2015 - GridEdge will attend the next IEEE-1547 DG interconnection standard meeting in Boston on June 1-3 (click)

3/27/2015 - GridEdge installs first system with Georgia Power Southern Company (click)

3/20/2015 - GridEdge latest new patents are published by the USPTO (click)

3/10/2015 - GridEdge meets with SEIA, SEPA and MA Secretary of Energy at the event (click)

2/10/2015 - The IEEE-1547 DG interconnection standard meeting starts today (click)

2/6/2015 - Download the power point slides and run in slide show mode (click)

1/23/2015 - Download the Webinar slides (click)

1/15/2015 - Register to our first webinar in 2015 and find out more about our protection solutions and how they can help your projects (click)

1/5/2015 - "We have had very mixed results with telecom-based DTT on other projects, and feel that it is appropriate to consider adequate alternatives. The GridEdge system has been installed at one of our Massachusetts facilities, and has proven to be a superior solution for point to point fast-tripping. The initial cost burden on the customer is much less, and the system enjoys increased production and revenue while not experiencing the intermittent nuisance tripping outages associated with telecom-based systems." Quote by Michael Conway, P.E. Utility Electrical Engineer Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.

12/31/2014 - Learn how you can reduce your interconnection costs and yet have the best in-class protection system (click)

12/31/2014 - Learn how you can change your fortune by replacing a failing phone system with the most reliable protection system (click)

12/26/2014 - GridEdge Networks provides low cost and highly reliable anti-islanding transfer trip solutions to grid tied biogas generators.

11/14/2014 - GridEdge Networks CEO speaks at the Energy Thought Summit (ETS) Research Triangle in NC (click)

11/4/2014 - GridEdge Networks attends the next IEEE-1547 group meeting on Nov.4-7 in Atlanta (click)

10/28/2014 - Download the latest DG-TTP presentation delivered at the IEEE meeting (click)

9/12/2014 - Why Choose GridEdge Networks for DG interconnection protection (click)

9/2/2014 - Why DG-TTP is the perfect solution for IPP's (click)

8/29/2014 - New DG-TTP brochure for Independent Power Producers (IPP's) (click)

8/11/2014 - Why is trip protection required for DG integration and who has the best solution (click)

7/28/2014 - GridEdge Networks announces sales growth of its DG-TTP product and arrival of VP Sales (click)

7/21/2014 - GridEdge Networks files two new US patents covering its innovative protection systems that enable integration of distributed generation and grid modernization

7/14/2014 - Victor Brown joins the GridEdge Networks management team to lead sale and marketing and increase revenue growth

7/5/2014 - GridEdge Networks doubles its quarterly revenues in Q2 2014 indicating strong demand for its DG-TTP product

6/23/2014 - GridEdge Networks wins second DG-TTP customer and delivers new orders in June

6/19/2014 - MA Governor's 2014 trade mission labeled a great success - download the trip report (click)

6/12/2014 - GridEdge Networks submits white paper proposal to present at Distributech 2015 (click)

5/19/2014 - GridEdge Networks CEO invited to join the MA delegation on Governor's trade mission to Israel (click)

Download the GridEdge Networks DG-TTP presentation at UTC Telecom 2014 (click)

GridEdge Networks CEO presenting DG-TTP at UTC Telecom 2014 on May 7 (click)

3/28/2014 - GridEdge Networks was selected to present at CIGRE Canada 2014 in September - download the award letter (click)

3/17/2014 - GridEdge Networks will present at UTC Telecom 2014 on May 7 - download the program agenda (click)

3/10/2014 - Download the GridEdge Networks UTC Region 7 Meeting presentation (click)

3/7/2014 - Energy Business Review coverage of the DG-TTP Press Release (click)

2/24/2014 - GridEdge Networks announces the successful deployment of the DG-TTP solution (click)

2/14/2014 - GridEdge Networks moves to a new office location in Littleton - see contact us information

2/7/2014 - GridEdge Networks was selected to present at the UTC Telecom 2014 conference (click)

2/3/2014 - GridEdge Networks Distributech 2014 presentation is available for download (click)

1/29/2014 - Smart Grid Today publishes exclusive interview with GridEdge Networks (click)

1/28/2014 - Download the DG-TTP Distributech handout paper (click)

1/28/2014 - Download the DG-TTP solution paper (click)

1/28/2014 - Download the DG-TTP application note (click)

1/28/2014 - Download the DG-TTP data sheet (click)

1/4/2014 - Interested in a new way to protect DG sites? Come to the DG-TTP presentation on January 30 at Distributech 2014 (click)

1/4/2014 - GridEdge Networks CEO, Nachum Sadan to speak at Distributech 2014 (click)