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Amperion White Papers

Amperion Presentation at the UTC National Meeting May 14 2013(PDF)

Amperion General Presentation 2013(PDF)

Research report from Markets and Markets includes a 5 year B-PLC forecast (PDF)

Amperion B-PLC Presentation at the CIGRE Canada conference September 26 2012(PDF)

Amperion B-PLC Presentation at the UTC Regional Meeting September 21 2012(PDF)

Amperion B-PLC White Paper presented at UTC Canada 2012(PDF)

Amperion B-PLC Presentation at the UTC Canada conference September 13 2012(PDF)

Amperion B-PLC Presentation at the IEEE PES meeting August 2012 (PDF)

Amperion B-PLC White Paper presented at Distributech 2012(PDF)

Amperion Broadband Power Line Carrier Presentation June 2011(PDF)

IEEE Proceedings June 2011 PLC White Paper (PDF)

Ametek white paper on Ethernet for protective relaying March 2011(PDF)

Amperion Distributech 2011 Presentation January 2011(PDF)

Amperion demonstration setup with GE relays at Distributech 2011(PDF)

Amperion and Ametek Presentation at Distributech 2011(PDF)

Amperion BPLC Pilot handout at Distributech 2011(PDF)

Amperion Presentation at Edison Electric Institute October 2010(PDF)

Cisco white paper on substation automation solutions(PDF)

DOE white paper on BPLC for the Transmission Smart Grid(PDF)

Energy Central article on the Smart Grid boom(PDF)

EPRI white paper on the Transmission Smart Grid(PDF)

IBM white paper on Smart Grid Architecture(PDF)

Amperion Distributech 2010 Presentation March 2010(PDF)

Amperion BPLC technology abstract(PDF)

IEEE PES article on Transmission Smart Grid(PDF)

KEMA study on substation communications requirements(PDF)

SEL report on communications requiremenst for synchrophasors(PDF)

Pike Research executive summary of Smart Grid Communications and Networking(PDF)

Renew Grid article on Smart Grid communications nodes(PDF)

Transmission Smart Grid in Power & Energy Society Magazine(PDF)

DOE/NETL Transmission Smart Grid Imperative(PDF)

DOE/NETL A Systems View of the Modern Grid (PDF)

DOE/NETL Modern Grid Benefits (PDF)

Booz Allen Hamilton on Smart Grid (PDF)